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Oct 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of the favorites, one los angeles times story involved a counsel woman named laura who was unhappy at what she saw gender-based incensivity from the colleagues. the los angeles times headline chick accuses some of the male colleagues of sexism. [laughter] homicide victims rarely talk to police. [laughter] totally serious. i'm totally serious. hispanics ace spanish test. [laughter] and the last one, midget sues grocer cites belittling remarks. [laughter] all those are real. [applause] so for some who have attended this event as i have over the years, our annual funny video segment is truly unique and often the highlight. normally it has nothing do to scare do with bias. sometimes nothing to do with politics, it and it shows we are shameless enough to do anything at all we can to amuse you. blame funny stuff we found while trolling the air waves. some of it is gaffes we have caught. sometimes it's other pieces we blatantly steal with full credit, of course. but before offering the best funny videos of 2012, we want to show you the best of the best over the years. trust me, this video could go on for
Oct 17, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, schwarzenegger, they never came close to kerry in los angeles or san francisco or san jose or oakland or any of the other major cities of california. the fact is when you have a large diverse jurisdiction to mushes both urban and rural and suburban areas come you campaign the whole jurisdiction obviously republicans win all the time in any of the biggest states as well as any of the small state and with a few exceptions, the democrats win at least some elections in virtually every state. so when every vote counts, you will have an election in which every voter is engaged and that means the interest of every voter will engage. george w. bush come to free trade president of the free trade party 2001 came out with quotas. the large small business administration grant for a cheese factory in ohio refers to as the tastiest investment the federal government has ever made. but the fact is the battleground states are not only when they've run into. of the campaign, but when they are sitting and governing for four years and thinking in the election, or when they said and think about whether to get th
Oct 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
down and spend times with their friends in los angeles and new york and you say you get something for this investment. you get the safest most plentiful and it doesn't seem like up at the least expensive food in the world and this is a big item that is very important. >> moderator: to keep subsidizing crop insurance? and congressman latham? latham: farmers today understand the national debt and they are willing to contribute to reduce that spending in wishing 10. they voluntarily said let's do away with direct payments and that dramatically change the counter-cyclical programs that have been almost generations now. but the one thing that they need is a way of managing their risks on the farm and whether that be through crop insurance, both for the crop itself and for price, for revenue, that is where we have got to put our focus. >> moderator: crop insurance in place? latham: we are contributing a great deal towards deficit reduction act and if in fact we can have that assurance that -- >> moderator: does agriculture have insurance as grain farmers do in other words livestock farm
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
's good or los angeles origin and anaheim and my car. can you hear us? >> we can, yet. you can see ed gillespie, senator johnson from wisconsin, both teams out here trying to spin what just happened in the 90 minutes. usually i walk away from debates and i can say yes, i feel like i know how the media will interpret. it's just that the public will say just happened. i don't know how people will sort of digest the results of this debate. on one hand, joe biden sensitively clearly had much better command of the facts of the issue, details of the issue. his 30 years in the public debate clearly showed throughout it. but his facial expressions, the passion that sometimes came off as really infectious passion could sometimes come off as a little bit angry. i don't know how people at home watching that debate will process that. i thought paul ryan in the beginning was pretty wobbly when it came to foreign policy. it was not his expertise. he's not done a lot of foreign policy on capitol hill. he's only last month up on a lot of these issues. when it hit economic issues come he started to ge
Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
train as it does to get from los angeles to chicago and then the airports and highways and bridges and all, you buy that argument? >> i'm from a town where the major bridge collapsed, so yes. they would say we may be in a developing country >> the next question is there a government role in the infrastructure spending so it would be not only construction jobs but -- >> i have a great example. my president could get me out of town in the summer because they figured i would get in trouble. so in the boundary waters of minnesota there was a house called the split house. the reason i chose that for my little business is that it is a perfect example in the absence of the investment which the government had to do as a public good, no individual company would have invested in that. you wouldn't have opened up the range or on both sides on the border that is the sort of investment the government ends of the protest to do and i don't think jared and i would agree they have done a very good job of focusing. >> where is the money for that now? >> the reality is we have a lot of debt that we h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5